We make your life easier

Akicita Federal is a premier consulting firm committed to delivering comprehensive and customized services to government agencies. With a team of highly experienced professionals, we help clients navigate the intricate realm of government operations, enabling them to achieve strategic objectives and ensure mission success.

Our approach is focused on assisting government agencies in enhancing their efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance by offering innovative strategies and best practices tailored to their needs. Recognizing the distinct challenges that government organizations face, Akicita Federal is dedicated to providing bespoke solutions in alignment with each agency’s goals and requirements.

Our Culture

Our culture is one of our greatest strengths. We value openness, participation, localization, and direct communication. Decisions are made by consensus. To ensure we are creating a safe environment, we bring in a variety of people to solve problems. We test each other’s work and find benefits and flaws.

Our people are highly engaged, and everyone has a voice in how we operate. We’re a group of passionate individuals who truly care about what we build and what we do, and we help each other to be the best we can be!

We are passionate about delivering long lasting impact for organizations we work with. Our values enable us to achieve this. We are collaborative. We believe that successful, sustainable solutions are achieved when we collaborate with our clients, encouraging them to take active ownership of all stages of the delivery.

We are pragmatic. We keep the needs of our clients and the demands of their changing business in focus. We do this by adopting a pragmatic approach, keeping an open mind, and recognizing the value of alternative solutions and ideas. We are meritocratic. We believe that the best ideas and innovations are achieved by committed, high performing staff. We do this by hiring the best people, giving them the best training, setting high but achievable performance targets, challenging and inspiring each other to deliver excellence and by motivating each other to commit and contribute as much as possible.

Akicita Federal is an Indian Small Business Economic Enterprise (ISBEE) committed to harnessing our domestic talent, technological capabilities, industry knowledge, and strong ethical foundation to deliver exceptional methodologies and solutions for government and defense organizations. Our aim is to help these organizations enhance their overall capabilities and achieve a competitive edge, ensuring their success in a constantly evolving landscape.